there is a lot going on, isn’t there?

It’s pretty scary.  But if a little ant stays focused, we can, too. If a flower wears its best dress on a stormy day, we can, too. We read of this in the Scriptures.  Outside we go, where we see for ourselves that it is true: life goes on, trees grow, flowers never worry. We remember how much more valuable we are to our Creator.

what shall we do?

We are all asking this. First, we turn to our Creator. We notice the lessons in His Creation and look into the faces around us. Second, we help those around us, starting with our family. Then, we think. We don’t echo the words of others, but pray and think in cycle.

we are needed

We are needed to share lessons learned and truths realized. We must weave creativity into our daily lives, knowing that creativity goes into the world where we cannot. When the perfected product is not the goal, the process can be.

“but where was I to start? I shall start with myself.” – elie wiesel

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